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Cleaning Label Packaging

Pure ingredients only

No flowing agents

No binders

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Cleaning Label Packaging

Veggie Capsules

Cleaning Label Packaging

BPA free bottle

Glass bottle

BPA free and High density bottle


      Certain labels on food items and dietary supplements help guide the consumer to purchase items of their liking or standard. Labels that include natural, organic, non-GMO and the like can be confusing at times to the consumer because of all the extra chemicals and ingredients found on the ingredients list. 

      Consumers are searching for the most transparent manufacturing and production processes available at market. People want to buy the highest quality products with the highest nutritional value they can find. This is where "Clean Labeling" works the best. 

      "Clean Label" manufacturing allows the consumer to see exactly what they are buying and putting into their bodies. This methodology allows the consumer to avoid ingesting any chemicals or synthetic glues that other manufacturers use for their food items. This process empowers the consumer and encourages producer transparency. WebMD's article to the left said it best: "Count chemicals, not calories."