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 Contract Manufacturing

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​​Contract Supplement Manufacturing

is best if you have your own formula or product. We have all of the materials and production equipment to encapsulate, package, polish and label your product so its ready to head to the shelf when it leaves our facility. Contract Manufacturing does take time but we'll be in contact with you every step along the way.

​​Private Label Packaging 

We can package one of our high quality stock products with your unique label. We have a varied selection on hand and can order whatever ingredients we don't have. Whether you are starting a new brand or expanding an old one, we have the products you will want to use. Private Label Packaging is quick and easy. Tell us what you want packaged and we will get it to you immediately.


We can do different kinds of drop shipping for capsules, finished products, manufactured products and with FREE WAREHOUSE SPACE for your inventory. Take advantage of our drop-shipping services today!

Your Custom Label

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